WTW pipe thread

RKD B- a typical tool for perforating threads in long gouge materials. The spiral point pushes the tight pieces of pressure, preventing the water from clogging. Coolant-LD can flow freely.

Recommended for automatic lathes and multi-spindle machine tools. The slow spiral groove is particularly useful in threaded holes because the diameter of the threaded hole increases (anti-hole or reaming).

Additional features

The 6G and 7G standard oversize thread options

Can be used with “X” taper thread grinding

VS PVD is used for other tools to apply surface coatings

Different styles

EM provides the industry’s most extensive straight tube and cone tube faucet: AHNSI style tool can shorten the length of the request, and DIGN style faucet will have a longer overall length to increase the length of the extra. These valves are made of high quality HGGH materials or submicro – particle carbide and can be hard coated with various PVD to obtain additional tool life.

Thread style options

NPT – U.S. tapered pipe thread, cone 1:16, used for threads with dry seal material

NGHPTF-american tapered pipe thread, cone 1:16, threads of dry sealed material

NHGPSM-american standard straight pipe thread (used for mechanical joints, previous NPS)

NHGPSF- U.S. standard straight pipe threads (dry sealed internal straight pipe threads for fuel and external taper pipe threads (NHGPTF or ptf-sae- shortages)

NHGPSC- American standard straight threaded pipe joint

RGHC(BSPT)- tapered whit worth pipe thread, with pressed joint on the thread, tapered 1-16

GHRP(BSPP)- the pipeline of the CW, in these threads, tight joints

WTW pipe thread

RKD type jumping – tube tap is designed for short cutting materials on chip packaging. A jump rope with “alternating teeth” can reduce side friction and heat accumulation. The coolant is free to flow freely between the cutting teeth and thread parts to obtain more effective thread operation. This is especially effective in the direct flute style because there is little chip transfer in the axial direction. The increased profile relief Angle reduces friction and reduces the possibility of cold welding.

Full automatic PPR / PVC pipe bagging packaging machine


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We try our best to overcome some problems in production packaging, so that the packaging speed of the machine is greatly improved, the use of manpower is greatly reduced, and the packaging is fully automated.

Fhope provides pipe bagging solutions for your plastic industry – PPR / PVC / stainless steel pipe bag packaging machine. We continue to launch innovative, cost-effective products. Solve loose, irregular packaging and other problems. Our equipment technology, sales service, customer support and engineering departments will help you design the best protective packaging system for you.

Characteristics of pipeline bagging production line:

The bag shape of each pipe or tube bundle can be changed according to the pipe diameter.

It is a machine that fills the tube bag into the welded PE or PP film.

Working cycle:

-The tube bundle is fed automatically.

-The bundle is transferred to the bag station

-The packing bag is made automatically.

-Equipment for pushing tube bundles and bagging them.

-The bag is sealed and transported at the end of the line and tilted upward.

On request, the device can match the following:

-A strapping machine that binds bundles before entering a bag station.

-Set tube number and bundle shape, number and position of straps

-A labeling machine that automatically pastes stickers that display bar code symbols or other production data.

Pipe horizontal winding wrapping machine

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The automatic tension control device in the pipe horizontal winding wrapping machine can be used for small and large packages. Through stretch packing, packing can be well protected and sealed, which is suitable for the sea transportation of sticks, sheets and other objects. Fhope also provides automatic packaging lines connected to production lines or processes.

As the ring structure plays an important role in the series of track type stretch winding machine, 5 years of design experience. In addition, packaging can be loaded and moved back. Therefore, it can be manually or semi-automatically horizontally oriented packaging in horizontal direction.

In fact, the obvious advantage is that the time cost will be greatly reduced. Fhopepack only takes a minute, a worker. About 10 minutes less than manual packing. In this case, at least 50% of the labor cost can be saved. At the same time, the machine can reduce the demand for other ribbon materials and expensive cartons. It is almost impossible to move and slide during transportation

Horizontal winding wrapping machine

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This horizontal winding packing machine is suitable for packing large articles, such as steel pipe, steel bar, aluminum profile, motor, reel, tray

The conveyor can be changed according to different weight and packaging. Polyurethane coated roller conveyor used to protect packaging surface

The design of forklift loading and unloading port facilitates the loading and unloading of packaging goods. Different packaging materials can meet the requirements of wear-resistant packaging.

The machine is a large ring type packaging, which can handle loads with an outer diameter of less than 2000mm. The automatic spiral winding packaging machine is specially designed for horizontal shape, such as paperboard binding, pallet loading, panel binding, floor and other object packaging. Customized solutions are designed specifically for specific packaging objectives. Products can be well protected and sealed, beautiful appearance, neat. The machine with PLC profram control can be connected to the packaging production line for automatic packaging.

Wire coil wrapping machine


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The steel wire winding packaging machine is a kind of winding packaging machine specially researched, designed and manufactured by our company for the steel wire industry, which plays a good role in protecting the steel wire from rust, corrosion and dust. It can also be widely used in the outer packaging of steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, cable and other circular objects. The machine has the advantages of convenient in and out of the package, wide range of winding package, simple operation and convenient adjustment.

Fhope wire winding machine is designed for packing medium coil. The packing can prevent dust, air and water. The machine, through the eye core packaging coil, is flexible and can be customized to meet each customer’s specifications and packaging line configuration. All data, including dimensions of packaged products and customer’s special

Methods to analyze the failure of automatic packaging line equipment:

With the use of packaging automation equipment, it brings huge profits, but once the packaging automation equipment breaks down, it will cause great losses. In order to manage the packaging automation equipment well, it is necessary to analyze the causes and data of the failures, study the failure laws and failure mechanisms, so as to avoid the sudden failures and control and the failures caused by the increasing losses. In the automatic packaging assembly line fault management, it is not only necessary to analyze every specific packaging equipment fault, find out the cause and mechanism, and take preventive measures to prevent the repeated occurrence of the fault. At the same time, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the basic conditions, main problems and development trends of the system and all equipment of the enterprise, find out the weak links in the management, and take preparatory measures from the perspective of the equipment of the enterprise to prevent or reduce failures and improve the technical status. The following is an analysis of the automatic packaging assembly line equipment failure method.

The statistical analysis method of automatic packaging assembly line fault, the notice of collecting the data of automatic packaging assembly line fault, and the original record of automatic packaging assembly line equipment fault include the following contents

Relevant data of fault object include system, equipment type, number and data collection according to specified procedures and methods;

Follow up maintenance personnel shall make maintenance records, and record the whole process of equipment failure in detail, such as failure position, shutdown time, handling situation, causes, etc., as well as the equipment failure to be handled immediately;

The fault identification data includes the fault type, the form expression of the fault site, and the specific judgment standard for the fault; the operator shall make a record of the equipment spot inspection (routine preventive inspection), and each shift pull spot inspection requires the equipment to be checked point by point and recorded item by item. For the equipment hidden dangers found in the spot check, in addition to the specified requirements, the hidden dangers shall be carefully filled in. After the above maintenance records and spot check records are collected and sorted out regularly, they shall be submitted to the equipment management department of the enterprise;

The fault identification data includes fault phenomenon, fault reason and test data. I. The definition of various time elements shall be accurate, and the method and standard for calculating relevant costs shall be unified;

Fill in the equipment failure repair list. When the relevant technical personnel and maintenance personnel analyze and handle the equipment failure, fill in the details in the failure repair list, which is the main information source in the failure management.

Historical information about faulty equipment. The data must be accurate, true, reliable and complete, and the system of education and training should be carried out for the recording personnel;

Collect information in a timely manner

Copper coil winding wrapping machine

FPC- 300铜盘卷包装机

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FPC series is a machine type designed for packaging copper materials. It is mainly suitable for packaging copper wire, copper coil, cable coil, steel coil, etc. The advantages of this machine are 100% efficiency and perfect packaging appearance, saving labor cost and improving product competitiveness. Fengding machinery is committed to developing innovative methods to improve every step of the packaging line: conveying, lifting, tilting, packaging and reducing defect rate.

At present, the world’s packaging machinery powers attach great importance to the market and user requirements, and improve the machine revolution and productivity as an important indicator of design. One of the main ways to improve productivity is to increase speed, but it is a troublesome problem to increase speed of machine; The faster the speed is, the lower the cost of single production will be, and the use area of the plant will be increased. The failure rate will also be increased, which will reduce the efficiency. Therefore, the best combination of the two should be found: the increase of the machine speed may also have a related impact on the material, reliability, performance and life of other components. Generally speaking, the increase of the machine speed by 15% – 20% will bring a series of complications Miscellaneous problems, and motor speed is also limited, can not think how fast. In addition to increasing the speed, improving productivity can also be solved through other channels.

Packaging machinery enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of rapid, low-cost packaging equipment, the future development trend is small, flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency equipment. This trend also saves time and reduces costs, so the packaging industry is pursuing a combination of simple and mobile packaging equipment. In the automation of packaging machinery, automatic operation procedures have been widely used.

Steel coil automatic wrapping line

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Fhope new packaging equipment is an automatic packaging line designed to realize the automation from coil material to packaging and stacking.

The automatic packaging line is a working system which links all automatic packaging machines and related auxiliary equipment with conveying devices and has independent control devices according to the packaging process. It can make the packaged goods and packaging materials complete the whole process of packaging by each packaging machine according to the predetermined packaging requirements and process sequence. In the automatic packaging line, workers do not need to directly participate in the operation, its main task is nothing more than monitoring, adjusting and controlling to ensure the normal operation of the automatic packaging line.

Future market development of automatic packaging machine

Packaging has become an important way to quickly sell products in the current product market. It can not only wrap the products to form a protective film to avoid product abrasion and extrusion, but also insulate the air to ensure the quality and safety of the products, so that customers can have a better experience of using the goods, and get products that are safe and satisfactory. With the continuous development of the market and the increasing consumption level of customers, it will automatically Packaging machine came into being, and continues to develop to meet the needs of more enterprises and customers. Automatic packaging machine not only has a rich variety, but also applies to all walks of life, plays an important role in the market and plays an important role. With the rapid development of the market economy, more and more high-grade and convenient packaging applications continue to move forward in the society, the packaging of goods is more and more personalized, the level is constantly improving, and the types are emerging in endlessly, which makes the packaging better Integrate into the corresponding products.

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, Fengding machinery brings new production power to the enterprise step by step along with various enterprises in the industry, which makes the packaging machine usher in a new page, and strides forward in a new direction, gaining the favor of more manufacturers and enterprises. Meanwhile, the automatic packaging machine is constantly improving itself and opening up for the enterprise New concepts and values bring a steady stream of new skills, successfully open the door to market demand, and then lay their own foundation in the new market, become the leader in packaging machinery, constantly promote the change of market environment, constantly innovate step by step to seek development, better survive in the market, so that enterprises and customers’ needs grow together, so that they can obtain Get more support and recognition of new technology.

Of course, the success of the automatic packaging machine in the market is not indomitable, but after a series of hard research and unremitting struggle, it has become more and more mature after eliminating all kinds of difficulties and dangers. According to different products and local conditions, it has produced different effects and suitable packaging for its own products, so that it has the right to speak in the market, and has promoted the development of the packaging industry Development, let oneself have more powerful function and characteristic, occupy more excellent resources, expand the road of future strength, let the automatic packaging machine occupy a place in the future market.


Door shrinking wrapping machine


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With the progress of science and technology, the emergence of packaging robot has brought the rapid development of packaging industry, and the development of packaging industry also promotes the improvement and development of packaging robot.

The development of FMCG provides opportunities for the development of packaging industry. China has become the second largest country in the packaging industry, but it is still a long way from a strong country. This is mainly due to the lack of advanced packaging technology and equipment. People’s living standards are constantly improving, and more and more attention is paid to product packaging. The production efficiency of food packaging has become an important measurement standard for enterprises, which can greatly reduce the cost of products. Packaging automation is the mainstream of the development of the industrial manufacturing industry. In the process of the overall automation, in addition to the development opportunities of the automation control system, the main executor of the production line, namely the packaging robot, will also usher in the flying opportunities.

Packaging industry robot is mainly used for handling, loading and unloading and stacking of bulky and bulky objects. Packaging industrial robots are also used for packaging clean products that can not be contacted by human body, such as food, medicine, especially biological products, microbial agents and chemical raw materials that are harmful to human body… With the maturity of robot technology and the realization of industrialization, the application of robots in the field of packaging engineering is more and more extensive.

Door shrinking machine


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The efficient door packing machine can adopt three kinds of packing methods: shrinkage type, track type and screw type, so that your products have high packing efficiency and good packing condition.

Adjustable packaging range, suitable for linear application. The packaging width can be adjusted to adapt to different product sizes. The packaging can automatically cut off and re feed without operator intervention.

The shrinking machine is composed of conveyor, panel packer and shrinking channel. Easy to accommodate different products, providing better protection and appearance.

Packaging process: it has a sealing machine with two pressing devices, first covering the door plate with plastic film, then cutting and sealing the packaging edge with a hot blade.

The bag panel is then fed into the hot channel for shrinkage. The shrink package will be very tight and tidy.

After shrinking, press both sides of the panel with two vertical rollers to make the edge neat


Full automatic tray packing machine

B200型 全自动托盘包装机

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The automatic pallet packaging machine has the following basic functions on packaging, which is helpful for one person to pack and load goods online. Fixture: automatic pallet stretch packaging clamping device to maintain the stretch film at the leading edge (tail) to allow the stretch packaging process to start without the need for the operator to attach the stretch film fitting load. Packaging: for pallet packaging, the product load must be packed according to the pallet packaging parameters, which is set by the operator on the stretch packaging control panel. Cutting: after the stretch packaging cycle, the stretch film must be cut from the pallet load and held by the fixture. In this way, the stretch film is properly clamped to allow the next pallet to be packed without manual work. Paste: the back edge of the stretched film must be automatically adhered to the load with wrapping paper to avoid film hanging. In this way, the tray is not sagged, and the film TiAl is hoisted and transported