Micro – dedicated line

The company provides a small diameter carbide microdrill for medical, aerospace and automotive industries. The dedicated line of high precision hard alloy bits can be used in the design of solid and coolant hard alloy, from 0.80 mm to 3.0mm in diameter. The 64th of the series was recommended for four times the diameter of the bore (4xD). The series 6401 is a 7xD tool. The 6408 series is a coolant designed for 8xD applications, while series 6412 can be drilled.

N- standard spiral

The n-type is the flute design of the drill. Carbide electric drill is a kind of universal design which is suitable for the economical drilling of various materials. 118facet point geometry allows precise hole placement and reduction of axial force requirements. The company offers four series of n-type tungsten carbide drill, short length and length of work, bright finished product or high temperature resistant coating.

GT 100 – parabolic

The GT100 is a parabolic flute design that maximizes the use of aluminum, cast iron and steel. The wide open slot design effectively delivers the cutting chip from the hole and provides additional core strength for the drill. Additional tool life can be obtained from the inventory of bright paint or tin coating.

Nc point start drill

The nc point drill is a high-precision drill, designed to create precise hole position for secondary drilling operation. The numerical control point drill should not be interstitial and not designed for the depth of the drill point. The 90 and 120 bit drills are mainly used to set up an initial position for the initial position of the second bit of 118135. The 142point numerical control point drill, 546 series, is designed to be a hard alloy bit with a center of 140 degrees. which is quite practical in industry and greatly improves working efficiency.

Hard alloy bit – RT150 GG

The straight groove design of our company provides accurate and accurate hole position with excellent surface quality. In deep hole applications, coolant provides coolant for high permeability, and RT150 GG is designed to cut short cutting materials such as cast aluminum (larger silicon content 10%), cast iron and short cutting brass. Guhring offers a very different style. The RT150GG series 768 and 769 drill have 120 taper relief points, which are most suitable for use in aluminum and short cutting brass. The RT150 GG series 6069 and 6070 are specially designed for cast iron, which has a special grade of DK255F wear-resistant carbide and 130 surface grinding. These tools are recommended for at least 200 psi of coolant pressure of CNC equipment.

Hard alloy bit – HTH/rt800

The company offers two different types of insert carbide drill bits, allowing users to use disposable insert design to achieve high penetration rate of carbide electric drill. By reducing the number of cycles and improving the hole quality, the rt/ht 800 series drills have replaced the traditional shovel in many applications. Applicable to nc machine tool, minimum of 200 psi coolant pressure.

HT800WP prompt HT800WP

The HT800 WP drill has 1 xd,1.5 xd,3 xd,5 xd,7 xd and 10 xd coolant. The fed’s owner style is from 11.0 mm to 25.5 mm in diameter. The design of three different pass-hole cemented carbide blades allows the end user to effectively drill aluminum, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and aerospace materials quickly and accurately.

RT800WP prompts RT800WP

The RT800 WP drill is drilled in 3xD, 5xD, 7xD coolant, with diameters ranging from 16.0 mm to 40.5 mm. The holder is a side lock design that allows quick replacement cycles. The sequins are specially designed for aluminum. The tin coating design is very good for mild steel, and the insertion of flame x provides ultimate heat resistance and abrasion resistance.

HPC clamp

Product features

For heavy cutting and HSC and HPC

The cat went to ANSI B5. 50

Balance quality g6.3/15000/ min

Tolerance h6 for hilt

Maximum clamping force and stability, thanks to mech. Tensioning gear

Locking up the 12Nm drive moment

Suitable for internal cooling to 80

Central coolant supply table

Kate 40: not ANSI B5. 50

HSK adapter

Product features

For transferable torsional moment, the interface between the main shaft and the flange must be considered.

Milling Arbors- milling cutter

Product features

A face milling cutter

Balance quality: g6.3/15000.

The format of MASB/BT is B 6339

Used for concentrated or dispersed internal cooling, so process and tool life improvements

The coolant is in the form of AD/b (no coolant supply of version advertising, not GHROJET).

Use 4 extra holes and 4 additional holes to fix the milling head and greater contact – d2.

Tap your sleeve (GUHROsync) Product features

Used to clamp the handle of the handle in the synchrotron tapping machine

The handle of the handle to the handle of the tolerance h6-h9

The side is closed, so the coolant leakage is performed with the integrated circuit tool

Actively open

Positioning tap

Length setting screw allows 3 mm adjustment

HSK clamping device -HSK clamping device

Product features

The internal coolant is through the cage. It is floating on top and ensures that the coolant is sealed at 6 atmospheres.

The pressure on coolant is as high as 80

The coolant set does not apply to MQL

Diatomite PCD tool

Tools with PCD and CBN cutting edges are ideal solutions for manufacturing difficult machines and high grinding materials. These tools achieve the highest quality and economic benefits. The result: long tool life, high surface quality, reliable technology and good repeatability.

PCD is especially suitable for the drilling, milling and reaming of nonferrous materials, heavy metals, fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics and synthetic glass. CBN is especially suitable for hardened steel and pearlescent casting materials. These materials are currently used in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as the machine tool industry.

Diatomite tool holder

-GISS 6000 condensation system

The first GISS 6000 provides a system of operational shrinkage, cooling, and high precision presets. GISS 6000 is used to shrink the right solid cemented carbide tool (3.32mm) and high speed tools (6.32), which can be compressed into a small one using an induction coil. This is possible, thanks to controlled energy supplies, rapid cooling, simple operations, thanks to advanced software, and the first integration, highly accurate length presets. GISS 6000 is especially suitable for automatic production of multi-axis machine tools, which have production lines in the automotive industry, aviation industry and mass production.

Brief advantages:

Clamping time: about 5 seconds

Control, energy – saving, heat – reducing chuck

There is no taper of the heat

Integration, electronic control reservation

During the heating phase, the highly accurate preset is +/-0.02 mm.

Glass measure system

Concentrated cooling for 30 seconds

Water cooling, integrated cooling elements

Optimal process parameters

Thanks to the simple operation of advanced software

Integrated PC interface (optional for PC and GISS parameter management)

Integrated printer integration (tag printer optional)

Good maneuverability and workshop applicability

Excellent performance

Best health and safety features

Special attachments, and the possibility of adjusting the system based on specific customer requirements

advantages of the GISS 7000 condensation system:

Clamping time: about. 5 seconds

Adjustment, energy – saving condensation card

There is no taper of the heat

Registration, electronic control Settings

In the heating stage, the height accuracy is set to +/-0.02 mm.

Concentrated cooling for 30 seconds

Water cooling, integrated cooling elements

Optimal process parameters

Thank you for the simple operation of smart software

Good maneuverability and workshop applicability

Excellent cost-effectiveness ratio

Best health and safety features

Old ring knife-giss 5000 systole system

Like GISS 2500, GISS 5000 allows for pre-setting, condensation, and measurement of a device. In addition, GISS 5000 provides the possibility of fully automated, highly accurate cutting edge form recognition and length preset devices.

Further advantages are:

Automatic shrinkage fitting process to achieve the highest, personnel independent precision

Wide measuring range can reach up to 800 mm (depending on the installation option)

Large measurements can reach up to 600 mm (depending on the installation option)

Highly accurate reservation and measurement, the GISS 5000 systolic coordination system can be particularly applicable to individual customer requirements. Please contact diatomite!

Cover ring tool-GISS 2000 condensation system

The company’s 2000 “slimming” system was designed to reduce the use of gm carbon and high speed steel, using an induction coil. Both heating and cooling are well regulated to protect tools and systems while also effectively using energy. The result is a perfect connection between the tool and the condensation card. With GISS 2000, your tools are “under control”. In addition to the comfort version of GISS 2000, the basic eco-version of GISS 2000 and the ECO Plus version with fewer fixtures can be used in the request.

Brief advantages:

Short clip time: about 5 seconds

The simple adapter system makes all the ISO conical sizes and HSK possible.

Cool down time (with speed cooler) : standard 30 seconds

No heating HSK/ISO taper

Simple operation

Excellent performance

Workshop applicability

Optimal protection of burns

A heating tool that doesn’t matter

Effective energy consumption of energy supply

Very short contraction adaptation time

Manual operation minimum heating

Due to contact cooling, concentration and rapid cooling capacity

The water-cooled cooling adaptor (cooling sleeve) can be reduced to 6882-8.

G ring tool -GISS 2600 condensation system

Preset, shrink test pieces and measurements, all possible systems have a system, GISS 2600 condensation system. In addition to tool presets and induction contractile devices, it can also measure the condensing tools, thanks to optical measurement devices and smart software.

In addition, the GISS 2600 condensation system provides the following advantages:

Flexibility, the system can be used as a standard tool for pre-setting and measuring equipment, as well as an independent tool for inserting or exiting condensation tools.

Due to the general application in preset, condensation and measurement equipment, the economic benefit is high.

Precision and automatic adjustment of the tools to achieve the tool reached 20 meters.

Before the game, thank the high quality assurance.

Motivated staff, thanks to an ultra-modern, ergonomic and absolutely safe workstation.

Due to the selection of measuring equipment, software and technical characteristics of the system, GISS 2600 condensing system can be tailored to the needs of individual customers.


Hard alloy cutting tools have straight shank, spiral grooves for vibration suppression, or no internal coolant delivery, standard with flexible or polished finish, and these knives are designed to be precise milling of threads.

Metrics – gauge

Hard alloy cutting tools have straight shank, spiral grooves for vibration suppression, or no internal coolant delivery, standard with flexible or polished finish, and these knives are designed to be precise milling of threads.

Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons/NPTF threads – treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons/NPTF threads

Hard alloy cutting tools have straight shank, spiral grooves for vibration suppression, or no internal coolant delivery, standard with flexible or polished finish, and these knives are designed to be precise milling of threads.

Thread machine program generator

Companies understand that some new manufacturers may need to help their numerical control machine tools. The company has provided these users with a thread control program generator to help them program their machines. You can either use an online version or download an installer installed on a computer without Internet access. Both of these options allow someone to select a tool specification for the company’s thread factory and optionally export the code to a text file.

Micro thread milling cutter – micro thread milling cutter

Hard alloy cutting tools allow threads to be created in small diameter holes, with straight shank and head scratches, no anti-sinking steps.

Diatomite faucet

The process of cutting threads in a hole is called tapping. The company provides a complete click range for creating an internal thread form. Coarse thread series UNC and metric M are the most common thread systems for screws, bolts and nuts. UNC thick lines are usually used for quick assembly or disassembly. The fine line series UNF and the metric fine MF are used for high tensile strength, which is larger than the line series and thin wall.

High quality substrate materials such as cobalt, cobalt, tungsten carbide, etc., have a longer life design and provide high quality thread effect. There are different applications in the ANSI and DIN specifications. The color loop system allows end users to quickly select the correct click mode to select the material they are wearing.

Finish – tech – Multi – flute

The precision carbide end milling cutter has two styles. Endpoint technology 50 has a 45 helix Angle, with 6, 8 and 10 flute designs, and the material is 50 rockwell HRC. The finished technique 62 has a 55 helix and 6, 8 flutes designed to harden up to 62 rock well HRC. The available bright finished products and flame x are coated in parts and dimensions from the inventory.

Product characteristics

Apply to 63 HRC

  • a tool with superior rigidity

High precision of radius

  • excellent surface finish

Calloy Tool-3 mold industry

The company provides complete carbide end milling cutter line to meet the demand of mould manufacturing industry. It can be obtained from various lengths and styles of stock to track nose and nose knives. In today’s mold industry, the Calloy Tool-3 terminal factory is helpful for strict tolerance.

Product characteristics

The outer diameter and radius are the single channel

Radius point geometry and constant solar radiation correction

A neck area with a reduced collision with the flange

Carbide end milling cutter – single pro- side end

Carbide end milling cutter is an economical universal end milling cutter. Can be used for various lengths, points and metric diameters and bright finished products, flame x and super a(AlTiN) coating standards. The company has a variety of styles and sizes to meet your daily needs.

Carbon diatomite thread factory

The thread factory provides an optional process for the production thread, in which clicking may not be a viable solution. Hard or hard material, extremely tight diameter or dimensional tolerances, very large diameter threads are candidates for thread milling.

The gold loop is made of hard alloy bars produced by our factory in Berlin, Germany, and is made by German carbide tools. The company’s research and development institutions have been developed for the demand of high performance cemented carbide grade, this gives them a competitive advantage, rather than buy carbide tools manufacturer from multiple sources.

PCD diamond/diamond/diamond – tilt

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is specially designed for composite materials, casting aluminum. The end mill of PCD requires high spindle speed and rigid processing equipment to achieve optimal performance. The insertion wear-resisting wear of PCD greatly extends the life of the milling cutter. The company provides a complete readjustment program for all PCD tools to restore the tools to their original state.

Coolant feed – extreme chip evacuation

Slot and pocket milling usually result in an evacuation problem for the chip, especially in the vertical machining center. Recutting the chip may lead to a failure of the terminal plant.

After cooling, the chip is evacuated from the cutting area. This eliminates the problem or the recutting of the chip.

Aero-tech – aerospace alloy

The three – groove design of aviation technology developed for the cost efficient processing of general steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel, titanium and nickel alloy. All aviation technology companies have microhorn protection to extend tool life. It can be used in paint or bright finished products.

Alumi-tech – aluminum alloy

Aluminum carbide milling cutter is specially designed for milling aluminum and aluminum alloy. Suitable for slots and rough grinding applications. These tools can be divided into 2 and 3 flute designs, solid and coolant. The standard products of bright finished products and ultra – a coatings can be obtained from the inventory.

Thick Rough – tech The ancient ring provides all kinds of high – performance hard alloy rough machining design. Rough technique (GS100 is specially designed for aluminum and aluminum alloy milling, solid or coolant, with a rough tooth shape. The RS300 u/f combines a truncated cogwheel profile with the highest efficiency in aviation alloys such as stainless steel, titanium and Inconel. The rough technique 48/56 (gs300u/h) was designed to use the material as 48 HRC and 56 HRC and coolant respectively.

Product characteristics

Lower power requirements and cutting pressure

For less powerful and unstable machines

Suitable for unsuitable workpieces and tool clamping conditions

The high metal removal rate is due to the full cut length

Diatomite selection tool

This paper introduces the selection of the ancient ring, a new kind of carbide drill bit, tap and variable helical carbide end milling cutter.

Selected from the existing inventory standard each kind of series of products, due to its wide range of materials and processing characteristics of the operation, to provide you with comprehensive high quality drilling, tap and with economic price, for the purpose of the choice of the mill. These high quality hard alloy tools will increase your productivity, and because they are “guh ring” options, you can save 22% to 40% when you buy them.

Diatomite tool holder

Company offers a complete tool holder and clamping system.

No matter processing multi-axis special transfer line, multi-axis drilling machine head, CNC machining or steering center, Company has the correct tool support.

Company provides tools in the general 300 series, including HSK, Sk-Iso-Cone, bitter-cone, and direct installation adapters.

Hydraulic chuck

Product features

ISO gradually reduces to DIN 69871, forming adb/b

B provides thread pins in bores

Balance quality: g6.3/15000.

  • axial length setting

Tolerance h6 for hilt

Hydraulic sleeve – hydraulic sleeve

Product features

Clamp the handle with hydraulic clamps

Clamp holder with tolerance h6

Closed end, seal to 1100 PSI

Total center =2 m

Adjustable stop

Compared with the direct clamping, the inner sleeve can increase the transferable torque by 25%.

Condensation clip – condensation card

Product features

Clamp hydraulic chuck or shrink chuck

  • internal cooling is appropriate

We recommend using a special cooling adapter, NO.4419

Use of hard alloy tools in tolerance h6 (from d1 14mm to HSS)

Tool rack – contraction coordination – functions and benefits

The company’s slimming card ensures the best connection between slimming and knife tools. Although some manufacturers use traditional hardened steel, the company has applied a special, application-oriented tool steel. The result is an increase in the rate of expansion and an increase in temperature adaptability. There is no limit to the number of insertion or exit operations.


Brief cold reduction fit time

Maximum clamping force

The diameter of the handle from 3 mm to 32 mm can be used for the diameter of the handle.


These advantages have special value in high – speed milling, cutting, drilling, reaming, inner grinding and woodworking.

Compelling features

Excellent concentration

Extreme clamping force and rigidity

Improve tool life

Rotational symmetry is not significant imbalance

Economic efficiency

Perfect team: griphos shrink fit to fit the grip and shrink fit system

Shrink fit for withdrawal and insert tool in our shrink fit tapping we provide all kinds of shrink fit system to meet the needs of individual customers: from high-tech solutions for integration, highly accurate long tool presetting length and special cold shrink fit coordinate system 2000 HSV hot air system:

A fascinating principle

When the contraction fitting tool is in condensation, the decisive factor to ensure the safety clamping of the fixture is completely the heating and cooling of the tool fixture. The heating process extends the contraction clip so that a tool can be inserted or removed individually. During cooling, it contracts again, clamping into the inserted tool, the maximum clamping force. Because with cold tap can become very hot areas in the process of heating and contraction tool suitable for inserting or exit has very sharp cutting edges, the most important of all, the shrink fit operators kevlar gloves operation, to prevent burns and cuts in hand.

Shrinkage fitting extension: increase performance

The contraction adaptation extension increases the range of tool performance and reduces the defect on the tool surface. As with the shrink chuck, the tool is sandwiched in a contraction expansion, preferably on a hydraulic chuck. Naturally, contractive extensions can also be sandwiched in a tight clip.

coolant fed valve

The coolant fed valve is designed to increase cutting efficiency and chip evacuation, providing coolant directly to the cutting area. The coolant pipe in the faucet is either radial or axial. The radial coolant pipe takes the coolant directly into the tap’s flute, and the radial coolant pipe delivers the coolant to the tap.

STI thread

The STI tap tap is designed to create an oversize thread that ADAPTS to the required coil insertion. Spiral threaded liner (STI) is a diamond-shaped, diamond-shaped stainless steel or phosphor bronze thread, threaded into threaded holes to form internal threads. Threaded plugs are a convenient way to repair threads and can also provide strong threads in soft materials, rather than hitting metal plates directly.

UNJ/MJ Thread

The UNJ thread standard (ASME B1.15) defines a threaded system for highly stressed applications that require high intensity of fatigue. It comes from the military specification (mils-8879). Mils-8879 is mainly used as an application for aviation fasteners and threaded components. The company provides the unified UNJ and the public Jordan’s tap option as the reserve standard.

Oversize faucet (h7/h11)- oversized taps (h7/h11)

The supersize faucet is usually +0.003’/+0.005′ is greater than the diameter of the standard. The thread limit tap of H7 is +0.003 “extra large, while the faucet of H11 is + 0.005”. Oversized valves are usually used for threaded holes, which can be electroplated or heat-treated after grafting. The company provides the tin coating plug and the bottom-type supersize faucet as the reserve standard.

Solid tap

Not all threads are done by cutting. Threads can be rolled (male) or formed (female) in a situation where large production runs or requires great intensity.

In the case of the faucet, there is no cutting edge, but the tap. The faucet is forced into the hole, the material is deformed into the required thread form. The molding thread has the advantage of increasing strength (the material is formed by cold forming) while reducing the manufacturing time