obital stretch wrapper

horizontal wrapping machine



Sorry we can not give you price for both models of the orbital stretch wrapper, unlike standard models this is a customized machine.
But we have given you separated prices, please check the quotation I have attached.
We are flexible on changing the configuration of the machine, if you have the need please inform us.

Can we exclude the 600*600*600 square pack, because this is too short as well.

To pack this we need to narrow the stretch film and add transition conveyor between the infeed and outfeed conveyors like pictures below

This will increase the cost a lot.

About the technical questions of steel coil wrapping machine,  response as follows:
1.It can be designed with automatic orbital wrapper system to start wrapping. It needs to add: (an automatic manipulator + PLC +Touch Screen + control program)  into the machine.
Below is a video link of the automatic beginning, as a reference for you.
(Remark: the arrow is the position of the automatic manipulator)
About the revised quotation, please check it in the attachment (added USD2500)
2. The thickness of the stretch film:  25 micron.
    The price of the stretch film: USD 2.17 / kg.
3.About your another require, I saw the picture, sorry, sir. We don’t have such stretch wrapper product at present.

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper

horizontal wrapping machine

Find the way to have a good solution in the horizontal orbital stretch wrapper.

To approach your questions, first we are a manufacturer of orbital stretch wrapper in China. If you have the requirement of buying this machine, we need to know more information about the products yu pack. I have attached a data sheet , you can fill in.
We provide different orbital stretch wrapper for different requirement. From semi-automatic to big fully automatic wrapping line to customized machines for achieving special packing goals( including film covering, bagging, partial wrapping, timber feeding, pre-strapping, six sides wrapping, automatic stacking stretch wrapperand so on)
I have check your company profile, I see you are a reseller of packing machine in Poland and have supplier from Italy.
Unlike italian companies, we are more specialized in customization, so we don’t have many standard machines except pallet wrapping machines.
If you are looking for a supplier ship with us please inform us the details.


WTW pipe thread

RKD B- a typical tool for perforating threads in long gouge materials. The spiral point pushes the tight pieces of pressure, preventing the water from clogging. Coolant-LD can flow freely.

Recommended for automatic lathes and multi-spindle machine tools. The slow spiral groove is particularly useful in threaded holes because the diameter of the threaded hole increases (anti-hole or reaming).

Additional features

The 6G and 7G standard oversize thread options

Can be used with “X” taper thread grinding

VS PVD is used for other tools to apply surface coatings

Different styles

EM provides the industry’s most extensive straight tube and cone tube faucet: AHNSI style tool can shorten the length of the request, and DIGN style faucet will have a longer overall length to increase the length of the extra. These valves are made of high quality HGGH materials or submicro – particle carbide and can be hard coated with various PVD to obtain additional tool life.

Thread style options

NPT – U.S. tapered pipe thread, cone 1:16, used for threads with dry seal material

NGHPTF-american tapered pipe thread, cone 1:16, threads of dry sealed material

NHGPSM-american standard straight pipe thread (used for mechanical joints, previous NPS)

NHGPSF- U.S. standard straight pipe threads (dry sealed internal straight pipe threads for fuel and external taper pipe threads (NHGPTF or ptf-sae- shortages)

NHGPSC- American standard straight threaded pipe joint

RGHC(BSPT)- tapered whit worth pipe thread, with pressed joint on the thread, tapered 1-16

GHRP(BSPP)- the pipeline of the CW, in these threads, tight joints

WTW pipe thread

RKD type jumping – tube tap is designed for short cutting materials on chip packaging. A jump rope with “alternating teeth” can reduce side friction and heat accumulation. The coolant is free to flow freely between the cutting teeth and thread parts to obtain more effective thread operation. This is especially effective in the direct flute style because there is little chip transfer in the axial direction. The increased profile relief Angle reduces friction and reduces the possibility of cold welding.

Design options

The hard alloy bit of EM micro – cooling dosage form is part of the series of high penetration drilling series. These micro-particles can replace the traditional cobalt drill with a diameter of 0.75mm (0.0295 inches) and reach a diameter of 3.0mm (0.1181 in) and cool by design. Micro-micro-operation is a high performance drill which is widely used in medical, aerospace, precision machining and other fields. These high-precision drills provide longer, repeatable tool life, and eliminate the need for the drill while providing precise hole position values. It is suitable for CNC drilling with precise filter.


EM TiALN T99 multi-layer PVD coating, which increases heat and wear resistance

Normal 3 and 4 mm shank diameter

Double edge design increases stability and upper hole surface finish

The purpose of the ef -h program is to provide tap and chamfer drill, directly corresponding to the appropriate drilling size, to achieve the purpose of cutting and forming. There is no minimum purchase quantity, which can be obtained from inventory or 4 weeks or less.

Sub grain hard alloy

Coolant fed axis design

Iron -t14 coating added tool life

140 ˚ Angle

Bilateral groove design

90 ˚ including chamfering

M7 cutting diameter tolerance

The diameter of the h6 handle is tolerable

The point of self-centered geometry

4 weeks or less time length, not current inventory

The spiral groove (EM style) or steel bars (RKD style) indicates that these tools are designed specifically for steel materials, but they can also be used successfully in other long sheet forming materials. The steel hydrant provides various design schemes and surface coatings to optimize performance and use tools.

Design options

Norm – typical tool for blind hole threads for long – cut materials. A fast spiral flow provides a good chip out of a blind hole.

Especially for short cut materials. The flute can only hold a portion of the chip. There is almost no chip transfer in the axial direction. We do not recommend the use of this faucet in a deep blind hole, nor do we recommend long hole threads.

Better chip evacuation

For more than 90 years, we have been a leader in tool technology and performance in our field. EM produced a detailed set of faucet, terminal, thread, carbide drill, cutting tool, fixture and fittings, dealers in the United States and Canada and around the world in the sales of more than 10000 items. Our goal is simple: to produce as high quality products as possible and the most innovative products to help our customers reduce manufacturing costs.

Making the perfect line begins with drilling a mass hole.

The holes in the boreholes are consistent, and the quality of the threads produced by the faucet or thread mill will inevitably be raised in a precise position. The EM provides a complete set of hard alloy high penetrator drill, specially designed for making the most round and accurate holes, improving the quality of the subsequent thread processing. In addition, the ef – c step program also provides a complete set of coolant, it provides an appropriate diameter tap size for most of the cut and shape, from stock or fast delivery way.

Whether the goal is to create the best threads, or just to create accurate vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently, EM has a drilling solution.

The high penetrant carbide drill is designed to be faster, longer and more accurate than the traditional high speed steel or hard alloy bit. Ef series of training to eliminate the need for preliminary training, and because of a unique flute and point geometry and produce a period of time, thus creating a short, manageable chip structure. Applicable to CNC machine tools.


The bilateral groove is designed to increase stability and improve surface finish

Special carbonized sub-micrograin grade

Multilayer PVD coating is used to increase heat and wear resistance

Four – Ft point grinding

Special web design and flute structure


Longer tool life and sharper cutting edges

Eliminate parker drilling

3 to 5 times penetration and standard hard alloy bits

Greater frontier force

Better chip evacuation

being LED high-bay lights

At present, there are only three types of mainstream light sources, the most important being LED high-bay lights. Their price, grade, and technological content rank LED headlights> Xenon headlights> halogen headlights. LED headlights have only been widely used in automobiles for nearly 6 years. It is characterized by long life, high brightness, and beautiful appearance. , Has become the standard configuration of high-end cars or high-end cars. High Bay Led Shop Lights 

excellent performance

Use our whittling machine to improve all of your cutting edges, hair removal and multi-channel processing applications. For 220, 270, 270 high spirals, and more than 300 neck lengths and hard-to-find diameter, these spherical lollipops will help you remove the chips faster. Our 270 dedbur ring grater is an ideal grinding machine, which can achieve the ideal effect better than a grinder.

Using our hundreds of slot knives, create various chamfering features. We have multiple grooves for our pointed and flat types, with 15 angles on each side, giving you the choice of chamfering, hair removal and back chamfering. Be sure to check our adjustable slotting cutter, which can change the cut corners quickly so that you can sharpen any Angle from 10 to 80!

Double Angle shank cutter

Since many machining operations can be done with a double-angle shank, the tool is usually considered a Swiss army knife. We believe that these tools will make your chamfer, v groove, thread milling, tripping, and reverse sinking easier and more effective.

Complete the solution

Achieving the best surface finish is an important goal for any mechanic, but not all tools are designed in mind. The HV tool has a wide selection of tools, with specialized geometric shapes to ensure strict component tolerance and reduce eyewitness marks.

Our wide selection of small terminal plants and terminal plants include thousands of hard alloy grinding machines designed for the processing of various applications and materials. From side, ball, Angle radius, taper profile, multi-channel length and contact surface, and various coating options. Most importantly, every item in our catalog has inventory, and we provide same-day delivery service!

In order to achieve excellent performance of alloy and aviation alloy, medium alloy steel, free machining steel, aluminum and non-ferrous alloys, we must visit our special tools for materials.

Improved multi-grooves

RK a-ms is a straight trough design which is best suited for short cutting copper zinc alloy and brass in blind hole.

Form C(2-3 P) chamfer length

6HFX is suitable for tolerance

6G tolerances for oversized threads

Standard size of total length and handle dimensions on standard size

Part number, for the application of the screw machine to specify a short length of valve

RK-mg is designed for thread magnesium alloy. This work HV tool is dedicated to design unique end milling cutter, drill bit and special tool geometry for professional application, providing customers with the most needed solutions. If you have a unique processing challenge, you will definitely find a solution in the HV tool. At the same time each product catalog was released, we introduced a new product line and added hundreds of new diameters, ranges, angles and coatings to existing product tables. Most importantly, every terminal grinder and professional tool in our catalog has inventory, and we provide same-day delivery service! piece material is becoming more and more important, especially in the automotive industry. This particular geometry, combined with a glt-1 friction layer PVD coating, allows it to be used for dry processing, as well as oil and emulsion lubrication.

After carbonization, go to burr mills

Apply to the back of the hole and the bottom of the tight pocket

Small size, suitable for ordinary hole size

90 includes angles, only angles

The radial projection of the design is smaller than the double Angle shank cutter and chamfering knife, thus improving the neck diameter and improving the strength.

The left hand shear flute/right hand cut off the chip separated from the part

Improved multi-grooves

Solid carbide

CNC ground

The HV tool’s rounded edges are ideal for breaking edges and installing a smooth radius around the parts. These tools are also known as “radius cutters”, which can be used for deep milling on the back of a pocket or back. All types of aircraft are available, including small pilots. 008 “for narrow corners and small holes, and for larger pilots. To enhance strength and better completion.

hole application

RKAH – shaped tap is ideal for grinding, short cutting materials, such as cast iron or hardened steel, in which the flute can only hold a portion of the chip. There is almost no chip transfer in the axial direction. We do not recommend the use of this faucet in a deep blind hole, nor do we recommend long hole threads.


Rigid groove design

PD application hard coating is available

Chamfering C(2-3 threads)

Chamfering E(1.5-2 line)

Blind and bore threads

3 d standard options: DIN/DIN, DIN/ANSI or ANSI/ANSI


High tensile strength material

The relatively high relief Angle of the surface treatment or hard surface coating ensures the long service life of the frosted material.

Cast iron -CDGI/ADDI material with vermicular cast iron

The newly developed automobile industry casting material often shows very special grain structure with low weight and strength. This high-intensity weight is a trade in tool life. CDGI (compacted graphite iron) and ADDI (Austin’s nodular cast iron) materials are also very challenging for machines, and tool life is a problem. The faucet of the em-g joint venture employs a number of flutes and a specially adapted geometric figure. The powder metal’s high-speed PM tool allows for longer tool life, even in these highly worn materials and ordinary cast iron.


Rigid groove design

C slot (2-3 threads)

Form H chamfer(1.5-2 threads)

The federal reserve design for solid and coolant

The multi-layer PVD coating has added wear resistance

Blind and bore threads

RK a-hcut has a geometric shape, a special adjustable flute profile, and a special Angle of inclination and relief Angle for thread cutting in hardened steel applications. Metal powder manufacturing, (HSPSM) cobalt high speed steel or submicrocrystalline hard alloy substrate material. The EK A-HCUT powder metal HSPSM tool is suitable for hardness of 44-55 HDRC materials. Hard alloy RK A-HCUT tools have a hardness of 535-63 HDRC.


Rigid groove design

C chamfer length (2-3 threads)

For blind hole and hole application

Coolant – a-h cutting hard alloy valve coolant is located in the “coolant – blind hole” section.

EM Z geometry

Aluminum alloy

The EM provides a special cutting tap for blind hole/touch base (Enorm) and Rekord b-al design. It is absolutely necessary to chip in axial direction during the machining of long cutting aluminum. Aside from the big dip, these tools are made with fewer flutes so that more space can be used to make chips. This helps to avoid blocking the flute in the cut thread operation.


8-8 coating – diamond type, amorphous carbon coating

In the PVD process, the coating thickness of 1-2 meters can be achieved. Hardness is the covenant. 2500 high pressure. This single-layer coating is an excellent choice for non-ferrous and aluminum-silicon content (less than 9%). Because of the small friction, the adhesive force of the material is greatly reduced.

EM Z geometry is a very aggressive cutting geometry, with a high Angle and relief Angle, suitable for a large number of long cutting materials. It is specially designed for CNC machine tools. Synchronous feed control, especially the holder of the collet of the EM’s soft sync series, will bring the full performance potential of these tools.

For stainless steel materials, EM recommends high performance paint with GLT – 1. The z-faucet of the gDlt-1 coating produces a consistent, controllable chip structure that can be ejected smoothly and efficiently from the faucet. The gDlt-1 has a unique multi-layered structure with a top layer of anti-friction. The abrasion resistance and heat resistance of the coatings and the outer friction layer produce a more durable tool that requires less torque and produces better threads for quality.

The EM Z tap is designed for blind hole threads for long – cut materials. A fast spiral flow provides a good chip out of a blind hole. According to design and size, you can reduce up to 3 x D threads. It is not recommended to use a diameter increasing thread.


Powder metal HSDPM substrate substrate with abrasion resistance

° ~ right hand spiral flute

Chamfering E(1.5-2 line)

Chamfering C(2-3 threads)

Blind thread used for long – cut material