Pipe horizontal winding wrapping machine

More information:  https://www.fhopepack.com

The automatic tension control device in the pipe horizontal winding wrapping machine can be used for small and large packages. Through stretch packing, packing can be well protected and sealed, which is suitable for the sea transportation of sticks, sheets and other objects. Fhope also provides automatic packaging lines connected to production lines or processes.

As the ring structure plays an important role in the series of track type stretch winding machine, 5 years of design experience. In addition, packaging can be loaded and moved back. Therefore, it can be manually or semi-automatically horizontally oriented packaging in horizontal direction.

In fact, the obvious advantage is that the time cost will be greatly reduced. Fhopepack only takes a minute, a worker. About 10 minutes less than manual packing. In this case, at least 50% of the labor cost can be saved. At the same time, the machine can reduce the demand for other ribbon materials and expensive cartons. It is almost impossible to move and slide during transportation

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