Horizontal winding wrapping machine

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This horizontal winding packing machine is suitable for packing large articles, such as steel pipe, steel bar, aluminum profile, motor, reel, tray

The conveyor can be changed according to different weight and packaging. Polyurethane coated roller conveyor used to protect packaging surface

The design of forklift loading and unloading port facilitates the loading and unloading of packaging goods. Different packaging materials can meet the requirements of wear-resistant packaging.

The machine is a large ring type packaging, which can handle loads with an outer diameter of less than 2000mm. The automatic spiral winding packaging machine is specially designed for horizontal shape, such as paperboard binding, pallet loading, panel binding, floor and other object packaging. Customized solutions are designed specifically for specific packaging objectives. Products can be well protected and sealed, beautiful appearance, neat. The machine with PLC profram control can be connected to the packaging production line for automatic packaging.

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