Full automatic PPR / PVC pipe bagging packaging machine


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We try our best to overcome some problems in production packaging, so that the packaging speed of the machine is greatly improved, the use of manpower is greatly reduced, and the packaging is fully automated.

Fhope provides pipe bagging solutions for your plastic industry – PPR / PVC / stainless steel pipe bag packaging machine. We continue to launch innovative, cost-effective products. Solve loose, irregular packaging and other problems. Our equipment technology, sales service, customer support and engineering departments will help you design the best protective packaging system for you.

Characteristics of pipeline bagging production line:

The bag shape of each pipe or tube bundle can be changed according to the pipe diameter.

It is a machine that fills the tube bag into the welded PE or PP film.

Working cycle:

-The tube bundle is fed automatically.

-The bundle is transferred to the bag station

-The packing bag is made automatically.

-Equipment for pushing tube bundles and bagging them.

-The bag is sealed and transported at the end of the line and tilted upward.

On request, the device can match the following:

-A strapping machine that binds bundles before entering a bag station.

-Set tube number and bundle shape, number and position of straps

-A labeling machine that automatically pastes stickers that display bar code symbols or other production data.

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