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The steel wire winding packaging machine is a kind of winding packaging machine specially researched, designed and manufactured by our company for the steel wire industry, which plays a good role in protecting the steel wire from rust, corrosion and dust. It can also be widely used in the outer packaging of steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, cable and other circular objects. The machine has the advantages of convenient in and out of the package, wide range of winding package, simple operation and convenient adjustment.

Fhope wire winding machine is designed for packing medium coil. The packing can prevent dust, air and water. The machine, through the eye core packaging coil, is flexible and can be customized to meet each customer’s specifications and packaging line configuration. All data, including dimensions of packaged products and customer’s special

Methods to analyze the failure of automatic packaging line equipment:

With the use of packaging automation equipment, it brings huge profits, but once the packaging automation equipment breaks down, it will cause great losses. In order to manage the packaging automation equipment well, it is necessary to analyze the causes and data of the failures, study the failure laws and failure mechanisms, so as to avoid the sudden failures and control and the failures caused by the increasing losses. In the automatic packaging assembly line fault management, it is not only necessary to analyze every specific packaging equipment fault, find out the cause and mechanism, and take preventive measures to prevent the repeated occurrence of the fault. At the same time, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the basic conditions, main problems and development trends of the system and all equipment of the enterprise, find out the weak links in the management, and take preparatory measures from the perspective of the equipment of the enterprise to prevent or reduce failures and improve the technical status. The following is an analysis of the automatic packaging assembly line equipment failure method.

The statistical analysis method of automatic packaging assembly line fault, the notice of collecting the data of automatic packaging assembly line fault, and the original record of automatic packaging assembly line equipment fault include the following contents

Relevant data of fault object include system, equipment type, number and data collection according to specified procedures and methods;

Follow up maintenance personnel shall make maintenance records, and record the whole process of equipment failure in detail, such as failure position, shutdown time, handling situation, causes, etc., as well as the equipment failure to be handled immediately;

The fault identification data includes the fault type, the form expression of the fault site, and the specific judgment standard for the fault; the operator shall make a record of the equipment spot inspection (routine preventive inspection), and each shift pull spot inspection requires the equipment to be checked point by point and recorded item by item. For the equipment hidden dangers found in the spot check, in addition to the specified requirements, the hidden dangers shall be carefully filled in. After the above maintenance records and spot check records are collected and sorted out regularly, they shall be submitted to the equipment management department of the enterprise;

The fault identification data includes fault phenomenon, fault reason and test data. I. The definition of various time elements shall be accurate, and the method and standard for calculating relevant costs shall be unified;

Fill in the equipment failure repair list. When the relevant technical personnel and maintenance personnel analyze and handle the equipment failure, fill in the details in the failure repair list, which is the main information source in the failure management.

Historical information about faulty equipment. The data must be accurate, true, reliable and complete, and the system of education and training should be carried out for the recording personnel;

Collect information in a timely manner

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