Door shrinking wrapping machine


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With the progress of science and technology, the emergence of packaging robot has brought the rapid development of packaging industry, and the development of packaging industry also promotes the improvement and development of packaging robot.

The development of FMCG provides opportunities for the development of packaging industry. China has become the second largest country in the packaging industry, but it is still a long way from a strong country. This is mainly due to the lack of advanced packaging technology and equipment. People’s living standards are constantly improving, and more and more attention is paid to product packaging. The production efficiency of food packaging has become an important measurement standard for enterprises, which can greatly reduce the cost of products. Packaging automation is the mainstream of the development of the industrial manufacturing industry. In the process of the overall automation, in addition to the development opportunities of the automation control system, the main executor of the production line, namely the packaging robot, will also usher in the flying opportunities.

Packaging industry robot is mainly used for handling, loading and unloading and stacking of bulky and bulky objects. Packaging industrial robots are also used for packaging clean products that can not be contacted by human body, such as food, medicine, especially biological products, microbial agents and chemical raw materials that are harmful to human body… With the maturity of robot technology and the realization of industrialization, the application of robots in the field of packaging engineering is more and more extensive.

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