Door shrinking machine


More information:

The efficient door packing machine can adopt three kinds of packing methods: shrinkage type, track type and screw type, so that your products have high packing efficiency and good packing condition.

Adjustable packaging range, suitable for linear application. The packaging width can be adjusted to adapt to different product sizes. The packaging can automatically cut off and re feed without operator intervention.

The shrinking machine is composed of conveyor, panel packer and shrinking channel. Easy to accommodate different products, providing better protection and appearance.

Packaging process: it has a sealing machine with two pressing devices, first covering the door plate with plastic film, then cutting and sealing the packaging edge with a hot blade.

The bag panel is then fed into the hot channel for shrinkage. The shrink package will be very tight and tidy.

After shrinking, press both sides of the panel with two vertical rollers to make the edge neat


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