obital stretch wrapper



Sorry we can not give you price for both models of the orbital stretch wrapper, unlike standard models this is a customized machine.
But we have given you separated prices, please check the quotation I have attached.
We are flexible on changing the configuration of the machine, if you have the need please inform us.

Can we exclude the 600*600*600 square pack, because this is too short as well.

To pack this we need to narrow the stretch film and add transition conveyor between the infeed and outfeed conveyors like pictures below

This will increase the cost a lot.

About the technical questions of steel coil wrapping machine,  response as follows:
1.It can be designed with automatic orbital wrapper system to start wrapping. It needs to add: (an automatic manipulator + PLC +Touch Screen + control program)  into the machine.
Below is a video link of the automatic beginning, as a reference for you.
(Remark: the arrow is the position of the automatic manipulator)
About the revised quotation, please check it in the attachment (added USD2500)
2. The thickness of the stretch film:  25 micron.
    The price of the stretch film: USD 2.17 / kg.
3.About your another require, I saw the picture, sorry, sir. We don’t have such stretch wrapper product at present.

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