WTW pipe thread

RKD B- a typical tool for perforating threads in long gouge materials. The spiral point pushes the tight pieces of pressure, preventing the water from clogging. Coolant-LD can flow freely.

Recommended for automatic lathes and multi-spindle machine tools. The slow spiral groove is particularly useful in threaded holes because the diameter of the threaded hole increases (anti-hole or reaming).

Additional features

The 6G and 7G standard oversize thread options

Can be used with “X” taper thread grinding

VS PVD is used for other tools to apply surface coatings

Different styles

EM provides the industry’s most extensive straight tube and cone tube faucet: AHNSI style tool can shorten the length of the request, and DIGN style faucet will have a longer overall length to increase the length of the extra. These valves are made of high quality HGGH materials or submicro – particle carbide and can be hard coated with various PVD to obtain additional tool life.

Thread style options

NPT – U.S. tapered pipe thread, cone 1:16, used for threads with dry seal material

NGHPTF-american tapered pipe thread, cone 1:16, threads of dry sealed material

NHGPSM-american standard straight pipe thread (used for mechanical joints, previous NPS)

NHGPSF- U.S. standard straight pipe threads (dry sealed internal straight pipe threads for fuel and external taper pipe threads (NHGPTF or ptf-sae- shortages)

NHGPSC- American standard straight threaded pipe joint

RGHC(BSPT)- tapered whit worth pipe thread, with pressed joint on the thread, tapered 1-16

GHRP(BSPP)- the pipeline of the CW, in these threads, tight joints

WTW pipe thread

RKD type jumping – tube tap is designed for short cutting materials on chip packaging. A jump rope with “alternating teeth” can reduce side friction and heat accumulation. The coolant is free to flow freely between the cutting teeth and thread parts to obtain more effective thread operation. This is especially effective in the direct flute style because there is little chip transfer in the axial direction. The increased profile relief Angle reduces friction and reduces the possibility of cold welding.

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