Improved multi-grooves

RK a-ms is a straight trough design which is best suited for short cutting copper zinc alloy and brass in blind hole.

Form C(2-3 P) chamfer length

6HFX is suitable for tolerance

6G tolerances for oversized threads

Standard size of total length and handle dimensions on standard size

Part number, for the application of the screw machine to specify a short length of valve

RK-mg is designed for thread magnesium alloy. This work HV tool is dedicated to design unique end milling cutter, drill bit and special tool geometry for professional application, providing customers with the most needed solutions. If you have a unique processing challenge, you will definitely find a solution in the HV tool. At the same time each product catalog was released, we introduced a new product line and added hundreds of new diameters, ranges, angles and coatings to existing product tables. Most importantly, every terminal grinder and professional tool in our catalog has inventory, and we provide same-day delivery service! piece material is becoming more and more important, especially in the automotive industry. This particular geometry, combined with a glt-1 friction layer PVD coating, allows it to be used for dry processing, as well as oil and emulsion lubrication.

After carbonization, go to burr mills

Apply to the back of the hole and the bottom of the tight pocket

Small size, suitable for ordinary hole size

90 includes angles, only angles

The radial projection of the design is smaller than the double Angle shank cutter and chamfering knife, thus improving the neck diameter and improving the strength.

The left hand shear flute/right hand cut off the chip separated from the part

Improved multi-grooves

Solid carbide

CNC ground

The HV tool’s rounded edges are ideal for breaking edges and installing a smooth radius around the parts. These tools are also known as “radius cutters”, which can be used for deep milling on the back of a pocket or back. All types of aircraft are available, including small pilots. 008 “for narrow corners and small holes, and for larger pilots. To enhance strength and better completion.

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