Hard alloy chamfering knife

Create complex 3d contours and smooth finishes, using ball micro end mill. These hard alloy tools provide better hardness and wear resistance in the hardest materials. There are multiple flute lengths, varying in size. If you can find the right milling tool, you will be able to find the right tool.

Our corner radius small terminal plant has a wide range of radii, with quick material clearance and increased tool strength. These hard alloy tools provide better hardness and wear resistance in the hardest materials. With multiple flute lengths to reach and radius, you will definitely find the right milling tool for this job.

Double Angle shank cutter

Since many machining operations can be done with a double-angle shank, the tool is usually considered a Swiss army knife. We believe that these tools will make your chamfer, v groove, thread milling, tripping, and reverse sinking easier and more effective.

Measurement tools

The public system of HV tool company shows hundreds of standard tools, including CBDN microterminal milling cutter, variable spiral end mill, multi-groove high helix, and high performance bit. Our small metric size is 0.2mm and a strict tolerance is made for ultra-precision micromachining. Most importantly, every item in our catalog has inventory, and we provide same-day delivery service!

Our two – end tools can help you reduce the downtime of the machine, which gives you twice the longevity of the tool you use. Over time, all the tools can experience normal wear and tear, but our double end line can give you twice the life span. Simply flip your tool over to its second cut surface and continue with your machining! We offer a variety of double – end tools, including carving knife, hair cutter, Angle cutter, Angle milling cutter, combined drill and countersink.

Hard alloy chamfering knife point and flat end double end


Solid carbide

CNC ground

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