excellent performance

Use our whittling machine to improve all of your cutting edges, hair removal and multi-channel processing applications. For 220, 270, 270 high spirals, and more than 300 neck lengths and hard-to-find diameter, these spherical lollipops will help you remove the chips faster. Our 270 dedbur ring grater is an ideal grinding machine, which can achieve the ideal effect better than a grinder.

Using our hundreds of slot knives, create various chamfering features. We have multiple grooves for our pointed and flat types, with 15 angles on each side, giving you the choice of chamfering, hair removal and back chamfering. Be sure to check our adjustable slotting cutter, which can change the cut corners quickly so that you can sharpen any Angle from 10 to 80!

Double Angle shank cutter

Since many machining operations can be done with a double-angle shank, the tool is usually considered a Swiss army knife. We believe that these tools will make your chamfer, v groove, thread milling, tripping, and reverse sinking easier and more effective.

Complete the solution

Achieving the best surface finish is an important goal for any mechanic, but not all tools are designed in mind. The HV tool has a wide selection of tools, with specialized geometric shapes to ensure strict component tolerance and reduce eyewitness marks.

Our wide selection of small terminal plants and terminal plants include thousands of hard alloy grinding machines designed for the processing of various applications and materials. From side, ball, Angle radius, taper profile, multi-channel length and contact surface, and various coating options. Most importantly, every item in our catalog has inventory, and we provide same-day delivery service!

In order to achieve excellent performance of alloy and aviation alloy, medium alloy steel, free machining steel, aluminum and non-ferrous alloys, we must visit our special tools for materials.

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