Design options

The hard alloy bit of EM micro – cooling dosage form is part of the series of high penetration drilling series. These micro-particles can replace the traditional cobalt drill with a diameter of 0.75mm (0.0295 inches) and reach a diameter of 3.0mm (0.1181 in) and cool by design. Micro-micro-operation is a high performance drill which is widely used in medical, aerospace, precision machining and other fields. These high-precision drills provide longer, repeatable tool life, and eliminate the need for the drill while providing precise hole position values. It is suitable for CNC drilling with precise filter.


EM TiALN T99 multi-layer PVD coating, which increases heat and wear resistance

Normal 3 and 4 mm shank diameter

Double edge design increases stability and upper hole surface finish

The purpose of the ef -h program is to provide tap and chamfer drill, directly corresponding to the appropriate drilling size, to achieve the purpose of cutting and forming. There is no minimum purchase quantity, which can be obtained from inventory or 4 weeks or less.

Sub grain hard alloy

Coolant fed axis design

Iron -t14 coating added tool life

140 ˚ Angle

Bilateral groove design

90 ˚ including chamfering

M7 cutting diameter tolerance

The diameter of the h6 handle is tolerable

The point of self-centered geometry

4 weeks or less time length, not current inventory

The spiral groove (EM style) or steel bars (RKD style) indicates that these tools are designed specifically for steel materials, but they can also be used successfully in other long sheet forming materials. The steel hydrant provides various design schemes and surface coatings to optimize performance and use tools.

Design options

Norm – typical tool for blind hole threads for long – cut materials. A fast spiral flow provides a good chip out of a blind hole.

Especially for short cut materials. The flute can only hold a portion of the chip. There is almost no chip transfer in the axial direction. We do not recommend the use of this faucet in a deep blind hole, nor do we recommend long hole threads.

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