Better chip evacuation

For more than 90 years, we have been a leader in tool technology and performance in our field. EM produced a detailed set of faucet, terminal, thread, carbide drill, cutting tool, fixture and fittings, dealers in the United States and Canada and around the world in the sales of more than 10000 items. Our goal is simple: to produce as high quality products as possible and the most innovative products to help our customers reduce manufacturing costs.

Making the perfect line begins with drilling a mass hole.

The holes in the boreholes are consistent, and the quality of the threads produced by the faucet or thread mill will inevitably be raised in a precise position. The EM provides a complete set of hard alloy high penetrator drill, specially designed for making the most round and accurate holes, improving the quality of the subsequent thread processing. In addition, the ef – c step program also provides a complete set of coolant, it provides an appropriate diameter tap size for most of the cut and shape, from stock or fast delivery way.

Whether the goal is to create the best threads, or just to create accurate vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently, EM has a drilling solution.

The high penetrant carbide drill is designed to be faster, longer and more accurate than the traditional high speed steel or hard alloy bit. Ef series of training to eliminate the need for preliminary training, and because of a unique flute and point geometry and produce a period of time, thus creating a short, manageable chip structure. Applicable to CNC machine tools.


The bilateral groove is designed to increase stability and improve surface finish

Special carbonized sub-micrograin grade

Multilayer PVD coating is used to increase heat and wear resistance

Four – Ft point grinding

Special web design and flute structure


Longer tool life and sharper cutting edges

Eliminate parker drilling

3 to 5 times penetration and standard hard alloy bits

Greater frontier force

Better chip evacuation

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